It's Burrito Time



I’m Not Quite Ready For Baby… I’m Slowly Preparing Our Home For A New Puppy (Or Kitty!)… But I Am Most Definitely Ready For A Burrito! Lucky For Me, I Now Have Tejano A Couple Of Blocks From Me. If You Don’t Already Know About This Burrito Joint, You Need To Ready This Pronto.

I Have A Soft Spot For My Neighborhood, St-Henri (Or South-West In General). So When Verdun’s Black Strap BBQ And St-Henri’s Rustique Pie Kitchen Decided To Join Forces, I Knew Something Good Would Come Out Of It! Comfortably Tucked In A Side Street Of Busy Notre-Dame, Tejano Offers A Newer, Fresher & Much Better Take On What The American Chain Chipotle Made Famous; Giant Burritos, Burrito Bowls And Burrito Salads.


Using Fresh Ingredients (Like Diced Veggies, Creamy Guacamole And Homemade Pickled Onions.), Slow Cooked Rice And Beans And Black Strap’s Famous BBQ Pulled Pork (Beef Is Also On The Menu), You Definitely Need 2-3-4 Hands To Eat Your Overstuffed Burrito. If You Are Allergic To Gluten Like I Am, Not To Worry, Tejano Has Bowls And Salads That Will Most Certainly Conquer The Biggest Of Appetites! Vegetarians, Try The Chili!

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