Tejano BBQ Burrito:
a Fiesta in your Mouth



How many Tex-Mex joints do you know of in Montreal? Not many, right? Thankfully, Blackstrap BBQ partners Clara Barron and Dylan Kier along with their pal Ryan Bloom decided to give us a mucho bueno option known as Tejano BBQ Burrito in the heart of St-Henri.

Get ready to indulge in a burrito the size of your head. I’m not joking. On December 2nd, 2014, Tejano BBQ Burrito was born. “When I was doing BBQ competition to promote Blackstrap, I would come back home with a bunch of leftover meat and one of the things I would do is make Tex-Mex food,” owner Dylan Kier explains. “Burritos are one of my favourite things,” Kier jokes. “I thought it would make a good product and I just wanted to share it with everyone.”

To that, we all say thank you! This concoction of great Mexican/Texan food is almost a year old and has known so much success already. The BBQ they offer their clients is Texas style accompanied with fresh ingredients, including homemade chillies to really bring out those Mexican flavours. According to Kier, the burritos they bang out are much more Texan than Mexican. “This is a Tex-Mex place and not your authentic Mexican restaurant,” he says.

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