Tejano BBQ Burrito

Finding Montreal


Tejano burrito participates in two recent trends in the Montreal food scene: the emergence of Saint-Henri as a gastronomic gathering point and the increasing popularity of Mexican food. If you have hopped on the bandwagon and are craving a burrito, this is the place to go.

Burrito world

At Tejano it’s all about burritos. They have big, fat, Mission-style ones filled with meat, rice, beans, and tons of extras.

Step right up to the counter and tell your burrito builder what you want. The construction process starts when a giant white or whole wheat tortilla is steamed to increase its pliability. Then the stuffing begins. First there’s the dilemma of what kind of meat to choose: barbecue beef with ancho and cumin, chicken tinga, or pulled pork. All are house made and delicious.

Have your creation piled with Mexican rice, beans (pinto or black with hominy), and salsa. Then go to town with the long list of other fillings available. Besides the usual cheese, sour cream, and lettuce there are some more unusual ones like marinated onion and radish. Pay the extra $1 for the guacamole if you are an avocado fan like me. It’s worth it.

What you get in the end is a packet of food similar in size and weight to a brick.

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