Smokin’ Burritos
Tejano BBQ Burrito

Shut up and eat


I’ve been a big fan of Blackstrap BBQ and total fan boy of Pitmaster Dylan Kier and have been following his quest for total BBQ domination in the local, provincial, national, international and interstellar BBQ competition circuit. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that he was opening up another restaurant. His second endeavour however isn’t another banging BBQ joint, but rather a spot that Montreal has sorely needed for the longest time. A place that would fill a certain Tex-Mex void in the city – Tejano BBQ Burrito – your new go to spot for burritos.

The menu at Tejano is concise and straight forward – you pick your meat and your vessel – burrito, tostada bowl, salad or intravenous. The salads come in two sizes. Of the choices of smoked chicken tinga, chorizo spiced pulled pork ancho cumin bbq beef, we got the XL salad with chicken. The salad was piled high the fresh ingredients – crispy romaine topped with Spanish rice, pickled onions, radish, green peppers, corn, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, coleslaw, pickled jalapeños, and roasted tomato salsa. Stewed in a tomato sauce, the shredded chicken was bright and flavourful with hints of smoke. The XL salad was more than enough for two people.



I know I’m an ass and make fun of salads all the time, but this is the kind of salad I can get dirty with; it was hearty and was a meal unto itself, unlike most salads which get ridiculed by me for being rabbit feed or packing material. The salad came with a choice of two kinds of dressing; a spiced vinaigrette as well as Tejano’s signature “hacienda” sauce which was a smokey ranch-like dressing. We got the later, but found ourselves not really using it as the salad itself was so flavourful and dripping from various tangy juices from the toppings.

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