My Favourite Dishes in Montreal

Quirky White Girl


This year we were somewhat lax on the restaurant dates, which would explain why we were able to afford a car and other adulty amenities. Just because we weren’t yoloing at Joe Beef every second week, doesn’t mean we weren’t finding some new favourite spots.

Pulled Pork Burrito at Tejano BBQ

Working across the river from Monkland was just lovely. During the spring and summer, I’d walk along the canal and through the market, meet up with friends for drinks at Burgundy Lion or La Drinkerie and be able to hop on the metro before dark. While winter was a whole other story (30 dollar cab rides and only one bus per hour) the summer was well worth sucking it up. I knew that I was close to the much talked about Tejano BBQ burrito joint, but did not want to make swinging by for a gut busting meal a regular occurrence. On one of my last weeks, while the office was empty, I treated myself to a giant pulled pork burrito with guacamole and a bottle of ginger beer to wash it all down. I shame ate that thing so hard in my office and did not/could not eat anything else for the rest of the day. My god was it good.

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